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A path to higher consciousness, inner freedom and wisdom

Welcome to you, dear soul

My name is Linora Mi Astraholm and my calling is to lighten up the path, so that you, as a soul and a human being, can find your own path til inner freedom and wisdom.

I live and lead with my heart in front of me. My heart guides me both in my life and in my work – in the biggest and in the smallest ways. When I lead with my heart in front of me, it means that everything I contribute with, will always be for the highest good of all. The fact that I never hide my heart away, makes my heart energy become very clear – both in my work and in the collective fields of the world, and through daring to do so, I help awaken people's hearts so they can open up to their own inner freedom and wisdom.

“Jeg har fulgt mit kald og har startet et spirituelt fællesskab, Community of The World Soul. Et community, hvor du sammen med andre sjæle, kan udvikle dig gennem livets processer og lære at være et højt vibrerende menneske gennem healing, energiarbejde, forløsning af traumer, spirituel og personlig udvikling.

Jeg holder rummet og energien i vores community og kanaliserer visdom og healing gennem undervisning, meditationer, lyssprog og energiarbejde, smukt orkestreret af Universet. Jeg åbner til kanalisering af det, der er brug for i vores community og lader det strømme igennem til jer.

Vores community handler ikke kun om connection med de andre sjæle i fællesskabet, det handler også om det spirituelle bånd vi alle deler gennem vores fælles sjæl, Anima Mundi. Verdenssjælen forbinder os alle sammen, vækker os til at huske hvem vi er, hvorfor vi er her, og hvad vores bidrag er, både som spirituelle væsener og mennesker.

Din egen indre visdom
Når du begynder at navigere inde i fælleskabet, så glem ikke, at vi alle er opdagelsesrejsende, som går sammen side om side, og at det ikke handler om at “komme først i mål”. Vi rummer alle stor indre visdom og når vi deler den visdom i vores community, så løfter vi hinanden. Hver eneste af os er en unik og essentiel del af denne energetiske symfoni af sjæle, som sammen skaber den smukkeste “musik”. Disse “toner” vi skaber, er med til at vi kan klikke hinanden ind på vores vej til vores højeste potentiale.

Jeg er taknemmelig for denne mulighed for, sammen med jer, at kunne skabe dette fællesskab. Her kan du lade dig guide gennem dit hjerte, til at huske din sande indre essens og hvorfor du er her på jorden, dybt forbundet gennem The World Soul/Anima Mundi, vores fælles Verdenssjæl. Jeg byder dig velkommen med et åbent hjerte og oplyser vejen, så du som sjæl kan finde din vej til indre frihed og visdom, dit kald i livet som sjæl og menneske her på jorden. Din livs indre rejse begynder her…”

Der er gratis adgang til Community of The World Soul, klik herunder og download app´en “Mighty”, så er du med!

Kærligst, Linora✨

Linora Mi Astraholm

Creator, Community of The World Soul

A Cosmic Upgrade to
New Age Energy & Consciousness

Cosmic Energy Healing


Peace and power to be confident
standing strong in your own light

Spiritual Mentoring Course


Who am I and
how can I help you?

About me


Clarification Talk 15 min

If you have questions about a session or a program, you can book a “Clarification Talk (15 min)”, where I will tune in to you to clarify where you are now and what kind of help would be beneficial for you
The Clarification Meeting is free of charge

"The woman who got me back on track after life had once again shaken me up quite violently.
Thank you, Linora, for opening my eyes and guiding me back onto the right track. You opened my eyes to what I knew deep down but couldn't manage to change.

If you're in need of a guide and find yourself at a point in life where you need a loving nudge, then you've come to the best!

Thank you for being you; you make the world a better place.
Sandra Rasmussen

Master Coach and certified Me-Mover instructor

"For a long time, I had been feeling sad and had the feeling that my life was not heading in the right direction. It was so safe and nice when I met Linora. I just had to lean back, after which she told me who I was and what challenges and blockages I had. It was an incredible experience!  I was, literally, blown away.

During the program, we worked with some emotions that were deeply hidden and burst forth to the surface with a bang. It has been so liberating on so many levels and has contributed to me feeling a great peace today, instead of fear, which previously dominated. A main theme has been that I had to learn to stand strong in my own power. This means moving away from “hiding” as I did in subdued clothing, where I never objected, didn't dare to speak up in meetings, and did a lot of things for the sake of others that I didn't really want to do myself.

Now, I stand up for myself, wear the colorful clothes I've always wanted to, and voice my opinions loudly, as I now believe that my opinion is just as good and important as everyone else's. I have resumed my hobbies and focused on activities, things, and people that make me happy. And now, I'm on my way in a completely different career direction. Linora had sensed which direction might be good for me – and boom: 14 days later, suddenly such an opportunity presented itself. I've always had a feeling that there has been someone or something with me, which I could sense but not see. I've now gained an awareness of what it is and that I can always get help from what I now simply call the universe.

The most important thing I take with me is a greater belief in myself, a feeling of peace, and that I have learned to listen to my own feelings in all situations, so I make all my decisions and do not listen to others' well-meaning advice. My intuition has been further strengthened, and I now feel that I am on the right path again. I have told all my girlfriends about the wild, transformative experience I've had and recommend them all to book a session with Linora."


Spiritual Mentoring Course

After being single and being on my own, I slowly withdrew into myself. I have always had challenges understanding and believing in myself and as the year went by I started thinking more about it. "I meet Linora, whom I have known for many years, and when I find out she is a healer, I don't hesitate for a second; I simply must try her abilities.

I have never been able to open up to anyone before, but with Linora, it was very easy and liberating, especially when she can read one like an open book. I have received so much help and self-understanding, so I rest more in myself and can reflect on the tools she provides. Today, I can see that without Linora, I would not be where I am now.

She told me, that there was someone special waiting for me. That was true, but I had to realize that myself. Linora has really helped me to a WONDERFUL life with love, family and friends.

She has opened me up to who I really am inside, so that I fully understand it myself. I´m still "new" in this transformation, but now I have Linora to support me, when my mind needs healing.

Thanks to you!

I will highly recommend Linora. She is with you all the way."

Frederik Tevil

Quality Technician

"I came to Linora, because I needed healing and guidance in relation to my inner self. I have also had many lower back pains and a soul that is vulnerable. I have received a total of 6 treatments at Linora`s.

My first impression was just wow.. her beautiful room swept me off my feet. It oozed calm and good energy. I felt completely safe from the first day.

I received healing, and I no longer have pain in my lower back, and I feel that I have come into balance with my soul and my mind. I feel more capable of taking action, and my self-esteem has also improved. There are more good days than bad, and when they are bad, they quickly become good again.

Noget andet ved at gå hos Linora er, at der er styr på alt det praktiske, d.v.s. du kan booke online og du kan ændre tider. Jeg har ikke oplevet, at hun har måttet aflyse eller manglende nærvær fra hendes side. Det betyder også meget for mig, at når man starter et forløb, følges det til dørs.

Til dig der er i tvivl, ville jeg anbefale at booke en Afklaringssamtale – hvor I sammen drøfter, hvad der ville være godt for dig. Linora mærker også hurtigt, hvad der ville være godt for dig.

My process has now ended, but I know where to turn if I get new pains or something suddenly doesn't work as it should.

A big warm recommendation from me!"


Lead Medical Secretary

I booked a Clarification Meeting because I, like probably many others, am grappling with a lot of thoughts. Clarification Talk, da jeg, som sikkert en del andre, tumler med en masse tanker.

That session was so good, I clarified a lot, and drove home with a joy in my body and mind that I haven't had for a long time.

What she told me about having an entire army of angels to help me heal makes me feel a peace when I place my hands on my chest. She has truly helped me to understand it all.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who doubts themselves. You leave there completely elated.

And the time after, gave me so much. I must soon go in for a follow-up.

A thousand thanks to you."


“I can highly recommend the super competent and skilled Linora! I am proud that she is one of my former students, and one of the trained clairvoyant counselors / consultants, whom I recommend.
Sebbastian Lorantius

Clairvoyant medium, healer and hypnotist

After an amazing session – online on Zoom – with Linora, I am left with a feeling of becoming wiser about myself, and with a clearer direction for the coming time and with more places where I can grasp myself and continue to work and develop.

Linora understands how to feel and see me, through my facades. I received many messages and everything made sense to me and was something I could take with me.

Linora's communication is experienced as incredibly loving and caring, and even slightly harder messages, which can deal with deep insight, are conveyed in the finest way.

An incredibly great and good experience and a huge gift to give oneself. I can highly recommend Linora and look forward to returning...



"I can warmly recommend healing with Linora. Super competent, loving and very professional approach. I got rid of old tensions and got peace and ease. Thanks Linora.


Coach and personal development. Psychotherapy

My healing process at Linora has gone really well. From the beginning, I felt that I had come to the right place. She has such a beautiful space that gives a really nice feeling and energy. You just want to stay there for the rest of the day. I was really heard and felt safe.

I definitely think it has made a big difference. I have become much more calm and gained a lot more energy. I do not stress in the same way at all. I see all the little things in life with gratitude and feel closer to my mind and soul.
The process has changed both my physical and psychological state by no longer having hives on my body. I am able to handle more tasks in one day and can finally exercise again. This has made me feel much better mentally. I am less sad, and my "head" is not as messy anymore. I feel a relief throughout my body and in my mind.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone! It has really given me so much and I only have positive things to say about my process.


"I have several times had my body, mind and soul for “recharging” with Linora and can warmly recommend her healing treatment, that feels like being marinated in safety and deep peace. Although it takes me a while to surrender to the treatment and let go of the clutter of thoughts, I have always had the feeling of having arrived as a dried out, faded bush and walked away like a nourished, solid, large and strong oak. Linora’s way of being is so nice, heartly and very professional.

Charlotte Ingvartsen


Many thanks for a fantastic process. I came to you stressed, tense with trembling muscles, and my thoughts could spiral negatively. I had long struggled to feel myself, my body, and my needs.

Just after one session with Energy Healing, I could relax and be completely gone in the healing. Together with your spiritual coaching, I have been able to loosen up my negative thought streams, and you have opened my mind to a more positive approach. Everything will be alright again.

I am well on my way, and my loved ones notice it too. When my whirlwind of thoughts has derailed my stream of speech, you have lovingly and competently guided me back on track.

Thank you so much, Linora! As I would like to maintain the good energy, we'll see each other again soon.