Spiritual Mentor

Cosmic Energy
Healer & Alchemist


My name is Linora Mi Astraholm
In February 2024, I changed my name from Christina Svenningsen.

I live and lead with my heart in front of me. My heart guides me both in my life and in my work – in the biggest and in the smallest ways. When I lead with my heart in front of me, it means that everything I contribute with, will always be for the highest good of all. The fact that I never hide my heart away, makes my heart energy become very clear – both in my work and in the collective fields of the world, and through daring to do so, I help awaken people's hearts so they can open up to their own inner freedom and wisdom.

I work with Spiritual Mentoring & Cosmic Healing and Alchemy. Everything is energy and I see, feel, communicate, and collaborate with energy for the Highest Good of all. My calling is to light the way, so you as a soul can find your own path to inner freedom and wisdom, your calling in life as a soul and human being in love here on Earth. To create higher consciousness about our cosmic collective soul, that everything is connected and that we together are creating the New Age by feeling inward and taking responsibility for our own path of development and life here on Earth. To translate and convey the cosmic to the human level. 

I work as an intuitive channel, which means that all sessions/courses/transmissions are tailored to fit exactly you and what you need. I channel cosmic energetic healing, alchemy, and Light Language. I encompass the individual on all levels and also work from my own processes and experiences, as I myself have gone the entire journey from having lived for many years with psychological violence and a highly overloaded nervous system, to now standing strong in myself and who I am – as a soul and as a human being.
I have always been able to feel other people and intuitively knew what they needed. It has been a natural part of me, and therefore I became curious about the "why" and "how." This kickstarted my spiritual development journey, including a spiritual circle with Rikke Hertz, training to Reiki Master Healer with Paloma Zendings, Angel Healer with Marzcia Techau, Clairvoyant Advisor with Sebbastian Lorantius, Energetic Leader with Havanna Luma.
I continue to focus on strengthening my soul's calling with energy work in the collective field, higher consciousness, and development through studies and workshops, networking, and working in spiritual circles, and through breathwork and meditation. It is also important for me to prioritize some of my time on channeling healing and energy work through my spiritual healing paintings.
I have a creative background, having worked as a graphic designer for many years, both in the advertising industry and later in other sectors, and I am also trained as an adults educator.