Spiritual Mentoring Course

Step onto your path to your inner freedom and wisdom. Become the most true version

of yourself in authenticity, love, and dignity.

Spiritual Mentoring Course

A Spiritual Mentoring Course is for you who wish to advance in your development – spiritually and consciously. As a soul and as a human being.

Do you have a feeling of not quite fitting in anywhere? That you can't just be yourself – without filters and without diminishing yourself? Can you feel that something is pressing from your innermost being?  Are you aware that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening and seek guidance and support for it? Sometimes the first steps on the right path for you can be the hardest. But it is certainly worth it to walk your own soul's path. Your highest purpose is to be YOU. To be in the present and be in flow on your own path. 

It doesn't matter if you have just started your spiritual development or have been working on yourself for a shorter or longer amount of time. We start from where you are now.

What do you get out of it?

A greater belief in yourself. Greater self-esteem.

En styrkelse af din intuition og dine spirituelle evner.

At kunne se dine blindspots og traumer (det du prøver at løbe væk fra) og forløse dem på egen hånd.

Physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balance in body, mind, and soul.

An upgraded nervous system that is with you and not "against" you.

Being able to stand in your own power. No more diminishing yourself in front of others.

Being able to say no before your boundaries are crossed.

Being able to feel yourself and your needs. Self-love.

Being able to let go of control and fear and let yourself be guided by your soul.

Being able to find the answers within yourself (so you don't search in vain for answers outside yourself).

Being able to step into your new and authentic version of yourself with love and trust.

Finding the way to your inner freedom and wisdom.

How does it work?

I work as an intuitive channel, which means that the process is tailored to fit exactly you and what you need. It's important that the development happens at a pace that suits you – psychologically, physically, and energetically. So you are YOU all the way and feel safe in the process.

In every session, I sense what needs to be worked on and what you are ready to resolve. Your sessions may consist of channeled Cosmic Energy healing, trauma resolution, energy work, guided journeys within, therapy etc. All sessions are individually tailored to what you need. The energy work and healing continue to work in your system between your sessions, and you will get small "tasks" to take home, so you can continue working on yourself. 

Here you are seen and understood, as the YOU you are. As a soul and as a human being. You receive the upgrade, healing, messages, and the help you need, where you are. The goal is for you to learn to let yourself be guided by your Higher Self. It gives you peace and power to dare to stand strong in yourself in your own light, so you can choose the right path for you.

A Spiritual Mentoring Course includes:

6 x Spiritual Mentor sessions of 90 min.

The price for the entire course is DKK 7,500,- incl. VAT

How do you get started?

Click on the “BOOK NOW” button below and choose “KØB KLIPPEKORT” in the top right corner,
and I will look forward to assisting you in your further development.
If you are unsure about anything or have questions about the program,
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Clarification Talk 15 min

If you have questions about the course, you can book a “Clarification Talk (15 min)”, where I will tune in to you to clarify where you are now and what kind of help would be beneficial for you

The Clarification Talk is free of charge

Spiritual Mentor Session - First time

This session is for you who are seeking Spiritual Mentoring or are considering a Spiritual Mentoring Course with me. Here we will check in on where you are right now and look into what you need help with to evolve in your spiritual and human development.

The price of 1 x Spirituel Mentorsession
(First time)
 of 90 min. is
1,400 DKK incl. VAT

Spiritual Mentor Session - Follow Up

This session is for you who have completed a Spiritual Mentoring Course with me and after some time feel that you need some sparring and follow-up. Here we will check in on where you are right now and your progress and look into what you need help with to continuing evolving on your spiritual path.

The price of 1 x Spirituel Mentorsession
(Follow up)
 of 90 min. is
1,400 DKK incl. VAT

Review from a Spiritual Mentee

"For a long time, I had been feeling sad and had the feeling that my life was not heading in the right direction. It was so safe and nice when I met Linora. I just had to lean back, after which she told me who I was and what challenges and blockages I had. It was an incredible experience!  I was, literally, blown away.

During the program, we worked with some emotions that were deeply hidden and burst forth to the surface with a bang. It has been so liberating on so many levels and has contributed to me feeling a great peace today, instead of fear, which previously dominated. A main theme has been that I had to learn to stand strong in my own power. This means moving away from “hiding” as I did in subdued clothing, where I never objected, didn't dare to speak up in meetings, and did a lot of things for the sake of others that I didn't really want to do myself.

Now, I stand up for myself, wear the colorful clothes I've always wanted to, and voice my opinions loudly, as I now believe that my opinion is just as good and important as everyone else's. I have resumed my hobbies and focused on activities, things, and people that make me happy. And now, I'm on my way in a completely different career direction. Linora had sensed which direction might be good for me – and boom: 14 days later, suddenly such an opportunity presented itself. I've always had a feeling that there has been someone or something with me, which I could sense but not see. I've now gained an awareness of what it is and that I can always get help from what I now simply call the universe.

The most important thing I take with me is a greater belief in myself, a feeling of peace, and that I have learned to listen to my own feelings in all situations, so I make all my decisions and do not listen to others' well-meaning advice. My intuition has been further strengthened, and I now feel that I am on the right path again. I have told all my girlfriends about the wild, transformative experience I've had and recommend them all to book a session with Linora."


“Welcomed by an energetic warm bath, where Linora kindly and effectively could communicate with my soul.

The advice is practical and can even be sensed in the moment. Simply by being in her presence and having the blissful opportunity to have her energy work on/for/with me was a gift.”


Review from a Spiritual Mentee

"It has been an educational process that has not yet stopped. I have felt met where I was. It has been nice to be coached in a context where there is less focus on explaining and understanding, and more focus on feeling and just being.

After each session, I received small homework tasks that both helped me in the process but also work well in everyday life today. They help me to be conscious when things get a bit 'difficult'.

I have gained more peace and consciousness as well as more presence. I feel more unpretentious, but I am still practicing letting go of my mind and feeling more.

I would absolutely recommend it to others. You are met with an open mind and a smile, and with Linora, you get a spiritual mentor who doesn’t impose anything on you, but just feels you where you are and supports you on your journey. For me, it was the first time, and it was nice that it didn’t become too abstract. It created safety and trust and an ongoing even greater curiosity about spirituality."


Review from a Spiritual Mentee
"I chose to start a Spiritual Mentorship with Linora because I felt that I am at a point in my life where things are going well, but I want more out of life and want to live my life to its full potential.

There is a lovely atmosphere in Linora’s 'workshop' with warm colors and views from the east. I feel safe and seen in Linora’s hands, and she is skilled at tuning in and figuring out what is stirring in one’s soul. Jeg føler mig tryg og set i Linoras hænder og hun er dygtig til at tune ind og finde ud af, hvad der rumsterer i ens sjæl.

Linora has a very broad overview and can rise above the 3rd dimension and quickly figures out which patterns one is struggling with. And she is a very skilled healer!I already have more peace of mind and soul in my daily life and can feel that I am more focused. I already have more peace of mind and soul in my daily life and can feel that I am more focused.

I highly recommend a Spiritual Mentorship to those who want more clarity around their goals and their spiritual development and to heal old patterns.



Review from a Spiritual Mentee

After being single and being on my own, I slowly withdrew into myself. I have always had challenges understanding and believing in myself and as the year went by I started thinking more about it.

I have never been able to open up to anyone before, but with Linora, it was very easy and liberating, especially when she can read one like an open book. I have received so much help and self-understanding, so I rest more in myself and can reflect on the tools she provides. Today, I can see that without Linora, I would not be where I am now.

She told me, that there was someone special waiting for me. That was true, but I had to realize that myself. Linora has really helped me to a WONDERFUL life with love, family and friends.

She has opened me up to who I really am inside, so that I fully understand it myself. I´m still "new" in this transformation, but now I have Linora to support me, when my mind needs healing.
Thank you, Linora
I will highly recommend Linora. She is with you all the way."
Frederik Tevil

Quality Technician